Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

I'm having blogging withdrawal even though I don't really blog that much.  ;)  My new internal hard drive should arrive in a few days and can't wait to start posting.  Meanwhile, I'll ramble on about my life sans photos so read on if you like.  :)

Saturday. The day was beautifully hot but not humid so hubby and I biked 28 miles. We took the Mt.Vernon trail and found the trail (name??) that took us over the Wilson Bridge. You could see most of DC, Old Town Alexandria and the Potomac River. I always knew there was a bike/pedestrial trail but didn't know how far from Old Town it was but in the end it was quite easy to get to. We crossed over the bridge and ended up going to National Harbor, racked up our bikes, and got lunch at Fiorella Pizzaria that served extra thin sliced pizza with a crispy crunchy crust. Hubby and I shared a 12" pizza with mushrooms and I got a bowl of meatballs. The food was incredible and kept me full for the ride back. (I took many photos with my IPhone but unfortunately I can't post those photos at this time).

We also had to get back home because we were invited to a evening wedding. By the time we got home from our bike ride, it was 4:00, just enough time to relax for a bit and then get ready for the Vietnamese wedding.

Wedding was good. Food was ribeye steak with asparagus, roasted potatoes, salad and roll. Dessert was fruit and wedding cake. I indulged  on 2 small pieces of cake.  The best thing about the whole night: someone I hadn't seen for quite some time took notice of my weight loss asking "What have you done to yourself? Your withering away. You look great!!" I just smiled and thanked her. These moments are priceless.

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