Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MIA For a Bit!!

Hello all. Looks like I have ran out of space on my computer because I take way too many photos (sadly not all fashion photos), so we are in a desperate search to find an internal hard drive for my Mac baby so I can resume my photos /posts.  Outfits posts will have to wait until next week.

Why an internal hard drive?  Because a few months ago hubby bought an standing external hard drive with LOTS of memory and with one tip/fall the hard drive started making whirring noises. Yes, the hard drive had crashed taking all my photos with it. Well, almost.  Luckily hubby save my photos and transferred them over to a temporary external drive, but now I am in need of more space.  The search has began.  I'm hoping we'll get it sooner than later.

Until then mes amies...


  1. Yipes! I've always felt my external hard drive is a fail-safe. (Now I'm a little worried!) We'll be here when you return!

  2. Oooh ... well we won't talk about how I store my stuff on memory sticks then ... loads and loads of memory sticks. I still have hard disks that are good for nothing but coasters now!

  3. Oooh dear, I can really relate. My external hardrive went crazy last year and deleted ALL of my photos! I was devastated becuase I didn't have a backup. I managed to get some back through my blog, but I still lost a bunch. I hope you find what you are looking for!

  4. OMG I don't have one, and I must buy it!