Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 Days Until the Beach

I've been very lazy taking fashion photos and also because my wireless remote isn't working on my camera. It's possible that the batteries are dead so I'll have to buy a new one to see if that's the problem.  Because work will be slow in the month of August, most of my outfits will be quite casual and on top of that we'll be heading out to the beach in 2 days. There is so much to do and as usual, so little time. 

Did I clean last night? No.
Did I do laundre? No.
Did I pack? No
Was I tired? Yes

To top it off,  I have plans tonight and tomorrow night. What are these so called plans? Well I'm going to tell you. I just recently discovered a great bike shop (Bicycle Space DC) near me and found at that they have free classes on repairing flats. I've already had a flat once but didn't know how to repair it so I ended up taking the bus home. Thank God I had I had my Metro pass/card with me or I would have been so $crewed. Imagine walking back 10 miles to get back home.  Anyway, since I'm a semi -newbie at riding, this will give me the opportunity to learn more about my bike, touring and the new women's road bikes out there (which I may impulsively buy,  but with what money??? I'll figure something out.)

After class, there is the I Street Social where a group of local bicyclists meet up every Thursday night for a casual group ride through the city and around the National Mall. From what I hear it's a perfect time to hit the streets while jamming to music played from a bike with a huge stereo system. There are actual theme nights every Thursday. Tonights theme: "Cops and Robbers." My outfit: black and white striped t-shirt with a black mask. It should be good enough.  I'll make sure to take photos or videos if I can.

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