Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Chill in the Air

 yellow top: ATL
skirt: Ebay ATL
shoes: Nine West
navy jacket: Anthropologie

I woke up a bit chilled this morning. I love mornings like this when you are cuddled up in your blankets with you s.o. and don't want to get up.  It's just a tease for Fall that is coming but the good news is that the weather will be like this all week. How exciting and can't wait to try on Fall outfits...but not yet. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall Is In the Air

darn navy jacket:  ATL (new)
ankle pants: ATL
shoes: Steve Maddens

I can't wait to start wearing jackets because jackets class up casual outfits. Jackets are my go-to pieces if I'm feeling dowdy or plain and want to look "put together".  You can't go wrong. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Venturing Out!!

top: anthropologie
jeans: Levi's
shoes: Etienne Aignier (old)

Going to my sewing class and want to explore the city before class begins.

My Weekend With Irene

The hurricane has finally left the Washington area.  Fortunately, we had no major problems except for some downed trees.  People south of us were not so lucky with lots of power outages.

With the bad weather outside, I hadn't been outside once this weekend or exercised or overate.   What I had been doing was playing dress up. I got a chance to try on all my clothes to see if they fit, take photos, then sort them out for my Ebay pile. Then I tackled my shoes as you can see by the photo. Of course, I couldn't get rid of any of them because I LOVE SHOES!!!!! And I do wear them. Sometimes. :)  This did not include my winter shoes / boots.

Anyway, it was great day in.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


The hard drive has been installed and I am finally back with photos and all.  But first things first: the song of the day is Matt Costa's "Behind the Moon." I'm in love with this song and he's an amazing songwriter.  Apparently he's been around for a while...and I didn't know???!!! What's up with that?

Meanwhile, I have to sort through my photos since I have so much time in my hands today with the hurricane and all.  :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Fridays.

I recieved my hard drive late last night so hubby didn't have a chance to install it but i'm hoping he will sometime tonight. 

Meanwhile, I 've been reminiscing again mostly 80's music, go figure. I am SOOO old school these days. I wonder if I had any kids if they thought I'd be a cool mom listening to all these 80's songs? or Would I be cool mom if I had any kids?  Oh well.

So, here's a music video from my past,  Alphavilles "Big In Japan". I heard it the other day and could NOT get it out of my head. GOD I MISS VIDEOS.   Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still Waiting

No sign of my new hard drive. Maybe tomorrow some time.  Meanwhile, nothing new except earthquakes and hurricanes.  :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

I'm having blogging withdrawal even though I don't really blog that much.  ;)  My new internal hard drive should arrive in a few days and can't wait to start posting.  Meanwhile, I'll ramble on about my life sans photos so read on if you like.  :)

Saturday. The day was beautifully hot but not humid so hubby and I biked 28 miles. We took the Mt.Vernon trail and found the trail (name??) that took us over the Wilson Bridge. You could see most of DC, Old Town Alexandria and the Potomac River. I always knew there was a bike/pedestrial trail but didn't know how far from Old Town it was but in the end it was quite easy to get to. We crossed over the bridge and ended up going to National Harbor, racked up our bikes, and got lunch at Fiorella Pizzaria that served extra thin sliced pizza with a crispy crunchy crust. Hubby and I shared a 12" pizza with mushrooms and I got a bowl of meatballs. The food was incredible and kept me full for the ride back. (I took many photos with my IPhone but unfortunately I can't post those photos at this time).

We also had to get back home because we were invited to a evening wedding. By the time we got home from our bike ride, it was 4:00, just enough time to relax for a bit and then get ready for the Vietnamese wedding.

Wedding was good. Food was ribeye steak with asparagus, roasted potatoes, salad and roll. Dessert was fruit and wedding cake. I indulged  on 2 small pieces of cake.  The best thing about the whole night: someone I hadn't seen for quite some time took notice of my weight loss asking "What have you done to yourself? Your withering away. You look great!!" I just smiled and thanked her. These moments are priceless.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MIA For a Bit!!

Hello all. Looks like I have ran out of space on my computer because I take way too many photos (sadly not all fashion photos), so we are in a desperate search to find an internal hard drive for my Mac baby so I can resume my photos /posts.  Outfits posts will have to wait until next week.

Why an internal hard drive?  Because a few months ago hubby bought an standing external hard drive with LOTS of memory and with one tip/fall the hard drive started making whirring noises. Yes, the hard drive had crashed taking all my photos with it. Well, almost.  Luckily hubby save my photos and transferred them over to a temporary external drive, but now I am in need of more space.  The search has began.  I'm hoping we'll get it sooner than later.

Until then mes amies...

Friday, August 12, 2011

This One Is For You!!!

For those that told me to do it, I did it!! I finally succumbed to the bikini (dh says it was too retro for him - whatever. He probably wanted something a little less dated or more skimpier) and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I just told myself that there are so many different body types out there that I shouldn't worry myself to death about the jiggly thighs or the few folds in my middle. It was hot and I didn't care and I went out to the water proudly.

Here's my story about my little black bikini. This black swim suit has been with me for the past 16 years and had never been worn. I bought it at JCPenney's on a whim because it was so cute, and had that cool retro look that I was alway into but never had the guts to wear. I was shy back then and had a poor body image, thinking I needed a ballerina body to be out in a suit like that. So I kept it but never wore it...until now, 16 years later at the age of ???? (okay we won't go there. ;) and I feel so liberated. I am proud of what I've accomplished and I can finally see it through the lens. Just wanted to share!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bike Rides and Such.

Hello everyone. I am so very tired today from my 14 mile bike ride but made it to work for my half day. I did weigh in and am up .4 lbs. which I'm very annoyed about What's up with that? Apparently, I need to increase my protein intake but how much protein is enough? At this point, I'm not going to worry about it until after I get back from the beach. I also think my body needs a break from all this working out, so my gym instructor says. I'll take her advice. :)
The Bike ride was AWESOME!!!!!!! The theme was Cops and Robbers so I wore a black and white striped shirt with a black mask. Didn't have the hat because it was a bit too warm for that.

I almost didn't make it to the ride because apparently someone had locked their bike to my bike instead of the bike rack at work. I was dumbfounded. Luckily, all bikes have to be registered so I got the serial number and took it to the parking attendant who emailed that person. He showed up 10 minutes later. Anyway, I made it in time for the flat tire repair class, then met up with the general manager (Jordon) of Bicycle Space and checked out some of the road bikes. Wow, they are expensive but apparently a great road bike will last 10-20 years if well maintained.

Since I was there early, there was only a handful of people there and by the time we left the shop at 8:00, there was a group of about 75 people. Jordan's dream is to have a 1000 rider on these Thursday tours so we'll see what happens in the near future.

My new bike pals below.

We ended up riding all over DC (Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Woodley Park, etc), then had a stop at the Georgetown Waterfront park where we chatted, met a few people and had popsicles. Then it was off to the White House where rode around in circles singing Happy Birthday to the president, then rode to the Washington Monument, Capitol Building, and then to Chinatown where I proceeded to go back home and everyone else rode back to the bike shop. I got home around 10:30 and was starving, so I made a soy beef burrito (Chipotle style) and stayed up until 12:30. I guess I was a bit overtired but finally felt asleep.

Anyway, today is half a day. Will go to gym class, then another bike store in the 'burbs, eat lunch, come home and pack, then barre class, eat dinner, clean living room and kitchen, load the bikes on the car.... I'm tired thinking about the day.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 Days Until the Beach

I've been very lazy taking fashion photos and also because my wireless remote isn't working on my camera. It's possible that the batteries are dead so I'll have to buy a new one to see if that's the problem.  Because work will be slow in the month of August, most of my outfits will be quite casual and on top of that we'll be heading out to the beach in 2 days. There is so much to do and as usual, so little time. 

Did I clean last night? No.
Did I do laundre? No.
Did I pack? No
Was I tired? Yes

To top it off,  I have plans tonight and tomorrow night. What are these so called plans? Well I'm going to tell you. I just recently discovered a great bike shop (Bicycle Space DC) near me and found at that they have free classes on repairing flats. I've already had a flat once but didn't know how to repair it so I ended up taking the bus home. Thank God I had I had my Metro pass/card with me or I would have been so $crewed. Imagine walking back 10 miles to get back home.  Anyway, since I'm a semi -newbie at riding, this will give me the opportunity to learn more about my bike, touring and the new women's road bikes out there (which I may impulsively buy,  but with what money??? I'll figure something out.)

After class, there is the I Street Social where a group of local bicyclists meet up every Thursday night for a casual group ride through the city and around the National Mall. From what I hear it's a perfect time to hit the streets while jamming to music played from a bike with a huge stereo system. There are actual theme nights every Thursday. Tonights theme: "Cops and Robbers." My outfit: black and white striped t-shirt with a black mask. It should be good enough.  I'll make sure to take photos or videos if I can.