Friday, July 20, 2012

Busy as a Bee!

I promise I'll get back to posting outfits but the work life has been quite busy. Meanwhile I am currently "shopping" my closet as they say because I have waaaayyy to much clothes and most of my posts would be repeats.

Fall is around the corner, well kind of, and I'm so ready for the FALL/WINTER season.  I've already purchased 2 leather jackets (yes in the middle of this hot summer) so I'm on my way.  Now if I can find a nice wool coat and some great leather boots I'll be set.

Meanwhile, I am currently busy with work,exercise, and upcoming vacation with hubby and weekend getawasy friends so there will be lots to post.

Will be back soon!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's Boot and Rally

I fell in love with this song after watching this past episode of "True Blood".  Sounded old school punk.

Here's Iggy Pop featuring Bethany Constentino singing "Let's Boot and Rally".

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fun times in NYC

I took a short 3 day trip to NYC with my mother this past Sunday.  The hotel rates were great at $200 a night and I found out later that it was due to the 4th of July holiday being in the middle of the week, also the UEFA cup with Spain winning, and the upcoming Olympics. Who knew??  Anyway, I took advantage of it and wanted to spend this time with my mom.


We took the Megabus from Union Station - DC to 28th Street where it dropped us off right in front of FIT with the Barbie exhibit at the window. How fitting for me who is so interested in clothing and fashion.  

(For those that don't know, I was in a bike accident and slightly dislocated my shoulder. I wish I had taken the sling off)

We head north to 34th Street to the New Yorker Hotel, a 1930s art deco hotel which has been newly renovated.  The famous who stayed there were Spenser Tracy, Joan Crawford, Fidel Castro and Mohammad Ali.  The room which was on the 19th floor (room 1905 for future reference) was quite comfortable, maybe a bit on the small side.  The view faced the back of the hotel which I preferred was very quiet and had a decent view.

Fascinating bathtub knobs -  I couldn't figure out how use it at first but finally figured it out.  Hubby explained to me that in the 20s, the top knobs control the shower head, and the lower controlled the water to the tub.

The garment district was not my first choice to stay in but since mom had never actually stayed in a hotel in the city, I thought it would be fitting to stay where the action was: Theater District, Times Square, Central Park and all the 5th Avenue Shops.

At Times Square where artists were painting to benefit Japan.

Yes, the Naked Cowboy is still there and mom actually took these photos.  She told me not to show hubby (being old school that she is), I emailed him anyway. He had a chuckle.


We woke up early, headed out for breakfast, then took a bus tour (Grayline) of downtown which I had done before. We stopped by Bryant Park afterwards for a cup of coffee, then headed to Times Square to try out luck with Broadway show and ended up with great orchestra seats to see the Phantom of the Opera. For those who want cheaper tickets, go to the TKTS booth in Times Square around 6:00 p.m. when lines are the shortest.

(My mom and I like hats especially in those crazy hot and humid days when your doesn't cooperate.)


Time to leave the city. While there were many things that I wanted to do, this trip was mainly for my mother and I to spend some time together.  I think she had fun but I knew she and I would never come back here together again.

My vintage paisley overnight bag shown below.

Me at the lobby ready to leave for home which is DC.

My last view of NYC before heading into Lincoln Tunnel.