Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I think am in love.  With the jacket of course.

Jacket: Well Wisher Jacket by Anthropologie

Work has been so rough this week that I haven't had a chance to look at stuff on line.  This might be a good thing since I really can't afford as we will be on travel next week.   We are going to Orlando, Fla for old times sake for my mother.  I just hope that she won't be constantly think about dad (RIP my dear father).  Anyway, back to good thoughts: Florida has a lot of outlet malls.  Maybe I might get lucky.

Friday, June 25, 2010


My boss's words of the day: "TGIF: Today sounds like a 4 pm kick-off to the weekend day to me. If you have any objections please let me know."  Hah, hah, hah!!!  I OBJECT!!! Can we leave at 3:00 instead?

So the day has turned out to be busy but ended  quickly.  My morning did not start out in a good way because as usual I had no idea of what to wear and then ended up not wearing the outfit for casual friday.  Our office is business casual so we can get away with a lot on occasion so I decided on wearing my skinny jeans, red sandals, white tank top, and a grey sleeveless belted long cardigan. I thought I looked cute enough.  I am so looking for a high waisted full skirt that is not to short.  Plus it comes in hand when riding my bike to work.

My current obsessions are:

Anyway, that's it for now.  No stripes on the list yet, but lots of reds in the pictures.  What's up with that?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Less guilty today

I don't know if I feel any better returning my Anthropologie dress since I ended up buying one of my favorite dresses from Macy's. Of course it was way on sale at $44 (anthro dress was $128) and has an impeccable fit which is so flattering to my body.  I'll have to take a pic since I don't thinks it's up on their site anymore.

A and I  had gone power shopping today although I was very, very good.  I did return the dress but ended up buying a cute red and white skirt that I had seen earlier on someone when we had gone to Secondi ( consignment shop.  It's one of the few places with designer items but I just could not find anything.

Anyway, I wanted to get home earlier but ended up getting home around 4:30 and was way tired to try on my outfits and put away some old stuff.  B was going to help me set up a pile of clothes to keep, for sale on ebay, and goodwill.  I don't  think that's going to happen tonight.

Here's another dress (Trina Turk's Algonquin dress) I have wanted for so long. I had originally seen it on "What Not To Wear", thenI saw it Nordstrom Rack, and now on Ebay.

It seem that I'm still into the beatnik look. I always like the clean lines or maybe it's my wishful thinking of want to be a poet, singer, songwriter, artist that I'm not.  I know I have some kind of talent, hence my photography, but I seem to never have enough time to take pictures or I have too many other hobbies, i.e. shopping, to make time.  Plus, it's just too eff-ing hot outside.  

By the way, even though I am no a size 4, how come I still feel huge when I take my own pictures?  I definitely need to make an effort of taking outdoor pics with natural light rather than pics in the evening. I guess I never learn.


Ahhh, Jean Seberg.  Still attempting to find the right black and white breton top.  This one is soooo coool!!! 

And good old Audrey!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sporadic ramblings

Sometimes I just feel like writing.  I finally got my anthro dress in a size 6p and B said it looked very vintage-y and looked good.  I guess he likes more of a modern woman.  Well yeah!!  Let me forget about that and consider all the things I ended up buying this past weekend, okay 2 weeks ago.  First my green seychelles shoes.  Yes, it is the wrong color so picture an olive green shoe and I finally got it at a steal from TJ Maxx:

Right now, I'm feeling a bit guilty about the 2 anthro dresses I bought and paid full price for them.  I have to figure out which one I like better but can't decide. Decisions. Decisions. Okay, so if I return one then I want to purchase this dress from ModCloth by Dahlia. It's definitely cheaper than the anthro dress:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend rant....maybe.

I didn't do much this weekend but went to see mom and took care of her car and insurance stuff for bro.  F bought a old Honda Accord which will hopefully last him though the new year.  B came up too and we ended spending the night and eating way too much.  I blame mom.  Okay, I blame the USA vs. England game, and the nachos and cheese, plus the chili.  Needless to say, we weren't feeling so good later in the evening.

As for clothes, I told B how much I spent and he was very surprised, especially with our low financed. I know he hasn't asked me to try on the dress(es) yet and I know he won't like the anthro shirt dress with the bicycles.  I forgot to tell him about the dress that's coming in the mail.  

I'm so into retro 50's and early 60's right now....ok, I've always been into it, but am I getting ahead of myself at my age?  Ugh!!!


I got the best compliment yesterday from F's co-worker. She had no idea how old I was and she guessed 10 years younger.  Nice!! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dresses and more dresses

I can't stop shopping for the life of me even when I know finances are tight right now.  I guess it's the only thing that makes me feel good is clothes.  Work is good in a sense and I'm not complaining.  I just wish I was doing more.

Anyway, I had a dentist appointment today and I knew I couldn't miss the appointment since Anthropologie was a block away.  I've been wanting this bicylette shirt dress for a long time and paid full price for it. I know I'll be wearing it for quite some time.  It is a bit cutesy in a retro 50's sort of way and I know B will hate because it's not sexy enough for him. Whatever.  The cream dress is what I ordered on line in petite and I'm hoping it will fit better once it gets here. If not, I guess I'll return it.

I keep wondering if I'm too old to be wearing these kinds of dresses.  Maybe I should concentrate in to a modern (mod) look but more current.

B has gone out tonight so I have the whole place to myself.  I dropped off my clothes on the kitchen table and was too tired to hang anything up.  I decided to watch So You Think You Can Dance, one of my favorite shows, and of course one of my dreams as a child to become a dancer.  So I watch.