Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Blahs

I woke up feeling achy all over.  My neck has been bothering me for a few months and not sure whether it's my pillow, my mattress, my chair at work.  I made an appointment with chiropractor last week and will not be able to go until next week to see what the results of the x-rays were.  Hopefully its nothing, so meanwhile I have to bear with it until this friday.

I wore my Anthro dress to work last week.  It did look pretty cute on and the fit was just right.  Please disregard the bruises on my left knee as I tend to bang it up on my bike too much:

It's a gloomy date out with rain in the forecast.  The house is a mess and I have no desire to clean up although I know I'll feel much better if I do.  B and I were thinking about riding the bikes today but not sure when the rain will start up.  I've got get some exercise in this week since it may be raining all week and won't be able to ride the bike to work.  This was my brother and B last weekend at Belle Haven Park in Alexandria.  We ended up riding a total of 12 miles near Mt. Vernon to Belle Haven. We almost made it to Old Town but were too tired:

Another thought occurred to me also: I need to start clearing out some of my summer clothes for the year and start posting on Ebay to make a little cash. Now I know the summer stuff isn't in season any longer but at least I can put a way the clothes for a while.  I really also want to invest in a sewing machine so I can alter some of my "big" clothes which I really don't want to get rid of.  The sewing machine will have to wait of course.   Money is a bit tight right now.

I did not see my mom last night and I was hoping not to see here this weekend.  Is it bad of me to do that?  Am I a bad daughter for not visiting this weekend? 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life's a bitch!!!

So this blogging thing isn't as easy as I thought and takes  up too much time.  My writing skills have not improved as I hoped it would. Plus, my fashion ideas have ran out.  I guess it has to do with that time of year when the weather is changing and confusion begins as to what time of clothing to wear.

I got a chance to return a dress I hat gotten from Anthropologie which was one size too big, but luckily I had found a size smaller on Ebay.  This is the lucky dress (Polynesian Maeve dress):

Some other items that I tried on didn't look as good as I thought it would. For example, the Candied Dot blouse was a colorful dress, but seemed to want to pucker on my waste.  Maybe it was because it was too big or NOT petite.  I wanted to like it but it didn't work for me.

Another item that I really wanted to like was the Twinkle, Twinkle Dress.

I liked the color and the concept of the stars, but the neckline didn't do it for me.  It just cut my neck off and for someone short like me, I want to elongate everything, including my neck. :)

The 3d outfit (Manor Gates dress):

This dress is so beautiful in person that my IPhone did not do it justice.  Unfortunately, I did not do it justice either because I felt like the waist was much lower then it should be, maybe more of an empire.  I'l have to think about this one for a while and see if I can lose a bit more before my soon to be sister-in-laws wedding in January in Jamaica.

4th outfit - I call it the clock skirt (forgot the name as it is no longer online).  Why didn't I buy this when I had the chance?  The waist was a little tight for a size 6 and usually I'm between a size 4 or 6.  Oh well, I'll wait for ebay.

5th outfit - Pilcroe Slouchy Roll Straight Leg pants. These pants were one size too small. Too bad because I've been waiting all summer to get these and now summer is over and they don't have my size anymore.  Ebay?  Anyone?

6th outfit -  scattered clouds t-shirt. The color was nice, but again, what's up with high neck line?

7th outfit - IKat top.  I don't think this is the same IKat top that I wanted online. it's cute though!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Photos of the day!!

Here are some recent snap shots of me:

Oh why Oh why did I go window shopping???

The Labor Day weekend was quite fun actually. Had my sister and friends over on Friday. Saturday, we ended up going to Old Town, Alexandria which turned out to be a most glorious and also the worst day of my life.  The day was a beautiful 70 degrees and then my first sneeze hit. Then a second, and third, and so on.  At first I thought it was allergies, but turned out to be a full cold. Who knew?   I managed to get to Ann Taylor Loft and check out a few Fall Items that I so want. Unfortunately, their site won't allow me to copy their pics.

*color block tunic - I WANT THIS  (I managed to copy this pic)
*Spotted Multi Tier Shell (white top with polka dots)
*Dolman sleeve sweater with pockets (gray)
*3/4 sleeve cardigan with bow (pale pink)
*Scuba lean trousers

Afterwards, I wasn't feeling up to shopping so went home and slept.

Sunday, ended up going to a town center where there was an Anthropologie. I didn't try anything new, but ended up finding the Polynesian Greetings dress I had wanted and it was on sale.  It is one size too big but I couldn't pass this dress up for $39.95 so somehow I'll need to alter the top.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beautiful Man of the Day!!

It's late at night and I'm slightly sleep and can't think of anything to post except...  OH MY GOD I forgot how Johnny was so beautiful. Sorry B.  Need to concentrate on posting more outfits.  It's seems like I've lost my edge that I used to have in the past.  I will definitely post some old scanned pictures which show me really young.  Now I'm justing showing my age.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Discount jewelry...

I've been looking at discounted statement necklaces and Forever 21 has some great pieces that I want. 

Beaded Warrior Necklace - Forever 21

Aztec Beaded Warrior necklace - Forever 21

Two  Tier Pearlescent necklace