Friday, November 19, 2010

Took the day off...

dress: Tucker for Target from Ebay
boots: ATL

YAY!!! I finally got my dress from Ebay  and let me tell you it was a hard dress to find.  At Target this dress had been sold out since the summer so I ended up going on Ebay to find this dress.  I was hoping to get a deal on it, but surprisingly everyone else had the same idea so I got it for much more than I would have paid for it at the store.  That's okay because I will definitely make use of this dress.  What lured me to the dress was the fabulous (IKAT?) print and the navy color which I used to detest so much. It does run big for size small and I'm assuming it's trying to be a flowy boho dress but  I do love it and it's quite comfortable and I supposed I can get away wearing it through the winter by layering it up a lot more, adding tights, sweaters, etc.  

It's been one of those weeks so I've decided to take a mental health day from work.  My mental health day usually consists of doing nothing or cleaning the whole house or sorting through my clothes. I  can't decide right, but I definitely want to productive. We'll see.

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