Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another day gone!!

top:  Tucker for Target
belt:  F21 
jeans: ATL
booties: ATL

I didn't get a chance to do much but ended up seeing my mom and family today.  The Tucker for Target shirt was a size small but could probably fit someone who is a medium. It does run large.  It was the only one in the sale rack and I got the top for only $11, a bargain in my book especially because it's running for about $30+ on Ebay. By the way, I ended up buy the hard-to-find Tucker for Target navy blue dress on Ebay and probably paid a little extra for it. Unfortunately, this dress had been sold out since late summer and every dress that I bid on Ebay was gone before I got a chance to bid.  I finally got one, but at a price so I better wear it no matter how it fits.

I forgot to post more shoes from yesterday that were on the sale rack at DSW.  Still too overpriced for  sale items and plus the black sandal was not practical for this time of year.  I'll go back next week and see if I can find a great deal.  I really don't need any shoes anyway.

It's back to work tomorrow.  Not sure what to wear since we have to dress up again for the week. 

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