Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 - Year in Review - Part 2 (June - August)

The Year in Review continues...

2011 turned out to be great even though we really didn't travel anywhere since San Francisco.  Our bicycling hobby took off in a great way throughout the year and also my wardrobe got slightly bigger as I shopped my way through summer.  Here are few looks which was taken in Boston earlier this year (May):

June  - Summer approached quickly and we had many plans.  Hubby's niece just graduated high school with honors and she got a field hockey scholarship to Richmond University. This was her graduation party:

Then the in-laws visited us and we had the opportunity to see the Newseum, an incredible museum dedicated to media and history of media in the United States. I highly recommend visiting this building.

In July, I met Ian Somerhalder of Vampire Diaries fame or Boone from from the show LOST which I remember seeing him in. He was testifying on behalf of his foundation to protect wildlife and habitat conservation:

I also met a good friend on-line and we instantly clicked: we were the same age, we both liked music, our hubbies both worked for Apple, we loved to shop...and eat, and we both were childless. We discovered our inner teenager selves.  She inspired me to find local bands in the area instead of sitting around at home. That's when I I discovered a great band called The Backberry Belles below (no good photos):

August came around in a flash and that's when our bicycling really took off. First, I discovered Bicycle Space, a great DC local bicycle shop,  that held themed bike tours of the city every Thursday night at 8:00.  This particular evening was Cops and Robbers. I met quite a few people this way.

Later in the month, it was off to Sunset Beach, NC to visit the in-laws and I finally donned my first bikini EVER and rode bikes all over local beach streets and old golf courses. This is me in slight silhouette and that's all I plan on showing.

More bikes trails in DC  - below of Mt. Vernon Trail

To be continued....


  1. Wonderful Blog! Found you via the Citizen Rosebud list. You look so awesome in your bikini!

  2. Your year in review is such a great idea, and fun to read. I wanted to give a shout-out for your excellent accessorizing in the second photo (in particular - I mean, you look great in all of these shots). That necklace paired with that sweater is *awesome*! Very inspiring.