Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend rant....maybe.

I didn't do much this weekend but went to see mom and took care of her car and insurance stuff for bro.  F bought a old Honda Accord which will hopefully last him though the new year.  B came up too and we ended spending the night and eating way too much.  I blame mom.  Okay, I blame the USA vs. England game, and the nachos and cheese, plus the chili.  Needless to say, we weren't feeling so good later in the evening.

As for clothes, I told B how much I spent and he was very surprised, especially with our low financed. I know he hasn't asked me to try on the dress(es) yet and I know he won't like the anthro shirt dress with the bicycles.  I forgot to tell him about the dress that's coming in the mail.  

I'm so into retro 50's and early 60's right now....ok, I've always been into it, but am I getting ahead of myself at my age?  Ugh!!!


I got the best compliment yesterday from F's co-worker. She had no idea how old I was and she guessed 10 years younger.  Nice!! 

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