Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sporadic ramblings

Sometimes I just feel like writing.  I finally got my anthro dress in a size 6p and B said it looked very vintage-y and looked good.  I guess he likes more of a modern woman.  Well yeah!!  Let me forget about that and consider all the things I ended up buying this past weekend, okay 2 weeks ago.  First my green seychelles shoes.  Yes, it is the wrong color so picture an olive green shoe and I finally got it at a steal from TJ Maxx:

Right now, I'm feeling a bit guilty about the 2 anthro dresses I bought and paid full price for them.  I have to figure out which one I like better but can't decide. Decisions. Decisions. Okay, so if I return one then I want to purchase this dress from ModCloth by Dahlia. It's definitely cheaper than the anthro dress:

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