Friday, June 25, 2010


My boss's words of the day: "TGIF: Today sounds like a 4 pm kick-off to the weekend day to me. If you have any objections please let me know."  Hah, hah, hah!!!  I OBJECT!!! Can we leave at 3:00 instead?

So the day has turned out to be busy but ended  quickly.  My morning did not start out in a good way because as usual I had no idea of what to wear and then ended up not wearing the outfit for casual friday.  Our office is business casual so we can get away with a lot on occasion so I decided on wearing my skinny jeans, red sandals, white tank top, and a grey sleeveless belted long cardigan. I thought I looked cute enough.  I am so looking for a high waisted full skirt that is not to short.  Plus it comes in hand when riding my bike to work.

My current obsessions are:

Anyway, that's it for now.  No stripes on the list yet, but lots of reds in the pictures.  What's up with that?

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