Saturday, June 19, 2010

Less guilty today

I don't know if I feel any better returning my Anthropologie dress since I ended up buying one of my favorite dresses from Macy's. Of course it was way on sale at $44 (anthro dress was $128) and has an impeccable fit which is so flattering to my body.  I'll have to take a pic since I don't thinks it's up on their site anymore.

A and I  had gone power shopping today although I was very, very good.  I did return the dress but ended up buying a cute red and white skirt that I had seen earlier on someone when we had gone to Secondi ( consignment shop.  It's one of the few places with designer items but I just could not find anything.

Anyway, I wanted to get home earlier but ended up getting home around 4:30 and was way tired to try on my outfits and put away some old stuff.  B was going to help me set up a pile of clothes to keep, for sale on ebay, and goodwill.  I don't  think that's going to happen tonight.

Here's another dress (Trina Turk's Algonquin dress) I have wanted for so long. I had originally seen it on "What Not To Wear", thenI saw it Nordstrom Rack, and now on Ebay.

It seem that I'm still into the beatnik look. I always like the clean lines or maybe it's my wishful thinking of want to be a poet, singer, songwriter, artist that I'm not.  I know I have some kind of talent, hence my photography, but I seem to never have enough time to take pictures or I have too many other hobbies, i.e. shopping, to make time.  Plus, it's just too eff-ing hot outside.  

By the way, even though I am no a size 4, how come I still feel huge when I take my own pictures?  I definitely need to make an effort of taking outdoor pics with natural light rather than pics in the evening. I guess I never learn.


Ahhh, Jean Seberg.  Still attempting to find the right black and white breton top.  This one is soooo coool!!! 

And good old Audrey!!

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