Sunday, January 15, 2012

What I've Been Up To, Etc.

Friday, I left work early because my BFF was coming over and I really didn't want to be at work. Since it was quite slow, I left 3 hours early and ended up going shopping only to return clothes I had purchased and didn't really need. Plus, the clothes didn't look right on me anyway. I saved $2XX and felt really good about the return. 

BFF finally came over, we had brick oven pizza place for dinner and 2 glasses of wine. This weather makes me want to eat delicious warm foods that just haven't been good on the waist line.  I did work out M, W, and F, ran 5 miles on Tu but that was it for my training. NOT GOOD especially since I am supposed to be training for that half marathon in March and should be running 5x a week.  I just want to finish at a decent time since this will be my first. 

Yesterday, I happened to pull out old photos and began sorting the photos which was a BIGGGG  mistake, but I pulled out old photos of me that I scanned to my computer. After 3 hours, my shoulders were hurting and I just got sick of looking at photos. I was in no mood to exercise and was lazy so I was on my computer all day.  I

Here's a photo of me in 7/4/ 1992 in Italy. Ah the good old days.  God, I can't believe how young I look.  Anyway, I'm so missing the Euro culture.  Need to take a trip some time soon.

My new obsession is a site called Pinterest and I've been posting on their site madly, plus I've been posting on another style site because I love fashion and clothes and shoes and bags and jewelry and so on and so on. I'm a girly girl and this is my artistic outlet.

Today, I decided to run and barely managed a 7 mile run. My calves are killing me from Friday's class and the run didn't help so I'm so stiff right now I can barely walk. I've stretched but I may have to take some Ibuprofen because that's how bad my calves hurt. I hope I'll be 
able to run my 3 miles tomorrow otherwise I'm so s(k)rewed. :)

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  1. Ouch! I hope you feel better...hurting so bad after exercising almost feels good in the sense that you know you worked out hard. If that's any consolation... :)
    I love that old picture of you! Very Winona Ryder~Beetlejuicey if I do say so! And that's a compliment!