Tuesday, January 17, 2012

8 Years Ago Today...

11 years ago I met a man who was just another person in my life of many acquaintances.   Three years later in 2004,  I married that man.   He is my best friend, he is my Yin to my Yang,  he is the calmness to my madness, he is my everything.  I love you madly and with all my heart.  Happy 8th Anniversary !!

Pictures of us throughout the years.

His eyes are the window to his soul. I love those eyes.


  1. Happy Anniversary Nancy!!!!
    You guys make a beautiful couple and I wish you many, many more years of wedded bliss!
    Such a sweet post!!!!

  2. Aww, so nice! Happy anniversary, Nancy! :)

  3. What a declaration of LOVE! You look wonderful together...