Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 - Year in Review, Part 3 ( September - December)


Lots of biking happened in September.   I bought my first road bike.  It was a heft penny and since I ride quite a lot now, I only take it one long rides and never to work. I'm too afraid of having it stolen. Here's my pretty:

My first ride with my new was at Indian Head Rail Trail out somewhere in rural Maryland. Hubby and I were excited to try our very first trail ever and didn't have to worry about cars or pedestrians. I even had my new bike shoes that clipped onto my bike. That was something very new for me and when you forget that your clipped in, well you learn to fall gracefully.

Next bike trip was the NYC century bike ride where we could select rides from 15 miles to 100. We chose the 30 mile ride instead since it was our first tour and wanted to enjoy the scenic NYC bike ride. We ended up staying in Jersey City which was perfect for our bikes and free parking.  We even rode around Jersey City to see what it was like.

The night before the race, hubby and I ended up going to NYC to visit friends from Philadelphia. We met them near Washington Square Park where we did some flea market shopping and eating. Then we headed back to Jersey City for an early ride back to Central Park all the way on the North Side.

We woke up at 5:00 am, took the PATH train to 34th Street, then rode all the way up to Central Park to register for our ride. We made good time and it was nice to see the city that early when no one was around.

By the end of the ride, we were so tired and we still had to ride back to Jersey City. We ended up riding the West Side Greenway made specifically for bicyclists. It was awesome. Had Indian food for dinner then went straight to the hotel. It was an amazing ride and will definitely do it again.


There were more bike rides, plus a great visit to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.  I took the bus up to visit a friend for the first time (we met through another site) , then took a cab over to Rittenhouse Park/Square, ate at a fabulous restaurant called Dandelion and walked over to the coolest Macy's ever.
My friend Lori in Philly

Tour du Port - Baltimore Maryland - 30 mile bike ride


My favorite bike ride to date:  the Dandies and Quaintrelles Tweed Ride. The day couldn't have turned out any better with the temps being in the 60s. Everyone was dressed up vintage style and I loved every minute of it since I missed Halloween once again. Here are some fun photos of hubby and I.


It really wasn't too long ago and yet it feels like forever. December went by too quickly and here are few photos toward the end of the year.  

My friend Lori came down to visit for the day and we ended up touring DC in the car, then off to the portrait museum for some great exhibits.



Good times were had in December. I threw a Xmas part and we got to meet little Lily, hubby's new niece.

The funniest Xmas card ever.

Lily and her parents

Lily and us

Our Xmas Tree

My Xmas Party - not too many photos of me since I was taking all the pictures and I forgot to take photos of the guys. OH well.

That's it until New Years.


  1. I love when my favorite bloggers do these recaps because I remember when they posted them at the time!
    Looking forward to tagging along on your 2012 adventures via cyberspace!!

  2. These updates are a lot of fun. Love the pictures! What a great area you live in.