Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Museum Outing at the National Portrait Gallery

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving and feel like the year flew by. Where did the time go? Lots to do though.

This past weekend was both relaxing and fun. Saturday I pretty much ran errands. Sunday, my friend Lori came down to visit DC (her first time) and we did a quick car tour of the city, then had lunch at my place, then it was off to the National Portrait Gallery to look at some great portraits of the past and present.  Here are some of few favorites from the early 20th century:

 Steve Jobs

 John Waters

Earnest Hemingway 

Marilyn Monroe

We ended up in the contemporary art section which is intensely bright and it was easy to take photos with the IPhone. 

my friend Lori 

Me - looking a bit disheveled

Lori at the courtyard


  1. I love museums so much. The last time i was in chicago with my girlfriends we decided to catch up as we walked around the CAI. It was such a good idea... it stopped us from shopping and catching up and also was so beautiful and inspirational!

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