Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shopping For Shoes is Bad For Your Wallet

Do I have shoe fetish?  It's possible because I do get excited and flushed after trying on pairs that look AND feel good and then buying them. All 4 pairs of them.

I have a need to buy shoes. I'm an addict. Here's how I justify this need:

  • It's the one part of my body that almost always never changes (although ever since the weight loss I have gone down a half to full shoe size), 
  • I always wear my shoes and they don't sit in the closet like some of my clothes with tags on it. 
  • When I see something that I like and it's on sale, I have to have it. 
  • And, the good news is I don't overly spend on expensive shoes. I don't discriminate at all and can find shoes at most discount places to upscale shoe stores (if on sale) I do tend to buy many shoes at one time when I get lucky. And I got lucky. :)

1 comment:

  1. Holy Moly did you get lucky!
    I have a shoe fetish too...they are such outfit completers...the right or wrong shoe can make/break an outfit in my opinion.
    I recently bought 2 pairs of Coach shoes on impulse because the prices were so amazing and the styles timeless.
    I like to think I was being frugal, but perhaps I am just a sucker for a good sale!