Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pretty in Pink (or coral)

jacket: Gap 
necklace and tank top: Old Navy
pants: Macy's
shoes: Bandolino via Ross

As much as I love DC, there is something about the fashion that just so, so, so...I can't put a word on it. You can see by the outfit.  :) 

I would love to spice it up a bit but in my field, there's just no way except to accessorize using jewelry, shoes and a good haircut. I basically live in jackets/blazer these days so that's what you can expect.

1 comment:

  1. But there is something so nice about tailored and refined as well.
    You can let your hair down out of the office ;)

    I will be back in Clifton 4th of July weekend to celebrate my Grandfather's 90th.
    As of now I am thinking we will be there Sunday and Monday, but it could end up (and I hope not) where I just drive down to the party and back in the same day.
    I have done it before and while I don't love it, it is a big weekend for business and I cannot foresee yet how much time I will be able to get away.
    But I'll keep you posted!