Thursday, June 23, 2011

Off the beaten path (no outfit post)

Lately I've been quite bored with my exercise routine and have been looking to change it up a bit by taking a dance class, specifically ballet. I've always had a fondess for this classical style of dance and remember taking classes as a youngster. Unfortunately, my parents couldn't afford to take classes and by the time I was 11-12 it was pretty late. The idea of being a prima ballerina vanished and my dreams were crushed.

Now as an adult, I realize I can still take classes for fun and fitness and to quench the thirst for this ballet fantasy. I've discovered a class called B. Fit that incorporates barre work with pilates and basic ballet work. The first class begins on Friday after work and I can't wait. It costs $22 for the first class and the second class is free. All I would need to wear is basic exercise clothes and bare feet or socks. (too bad no ballet shoes :). 


  1. I have taken ballet classes util I had to move away from Rome.
    They are a fun exercise, and a hard one at the same time. You'll love it!