Monday, June 27, 2011

A Day Out Biking...

Ohhh, the biking outfits are not so great, but whatever.  This is exercise after all, not a fashion show.  (I did, however, manage to put on a little red lipstick with some SPF but it didn't stay on very long :)

 helmet: Performance Bikes
top: Target
padded bicycle shorts: Performance Bikes
shoes: Sketchers
Bike: Fuji Crosstown 4.0 - commuter bike 
will eventually buy a new road bike.

The hubby and I decided to find an off-the-beaten-path bike trail because we were bored with the same DC routes.  Don't get me wrong, DC has come a long way to accommodate the bicyclist and tourists alike, but most often the bike paths are crowded with many bicyclists, runners, and pedestrians, and we just needed a change of scenery.

We decided to find somewhere a bit quieter and came upon the Indian Head Rail Trail out in Waldorf, MD, about 45 minutes east of DC.  The bike trail connects the city of Waldorf all the way to the small town of Indian Head about 13.5 miles away.  The trail is surrounded by mature forests, natural wetlands and occasional farmland. We encountered butterflies, dragonflies, deer, herons, egrets and turtles sunbathing on tree logs.  Apparently the bald eagle make there homes in the area although we didn't see any.

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