Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time Goes By

Yesterday, my dear husband decided to take me shopping for my upcoming New Year's Birthday. Since I'm so hard to shop for,  he thought I could pick out a few items of my liking. I think he's afraid to buy me clothing because I'm just too picky and my tastes change all the time.   For example, we decided to pop into Forever 21 and he found a dress that he wanted me to try on which was kind of nice, but a bit too tight and too short with a stretch material. He said I looked GREAT in the way guys mean (Men!!) but I ended up trying on a cuter, much  more versatile dress.  

Afterwards, we stopped by H&M and ended up trying the dress below.

I have a bad way of trying clothes on: I never take my pants off because I'm just too lazy.  :)

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