Monday, December 27, 2010

Xmas is over. Bring on the New Year.

Christmas came by quickly. Santa brought me a sewing machine and and an IPhone which I love, plus a small bit of cash (for my upcoming birthday) from the in-laws which I will happen to use at Anthropologie...whenever I get there.
I've already set up the sewing machine but I realize that I don't have much thread so I must go to the fabric shop and purchase a few key items. B gave me an old T-shirt to play around with and it was fun until I ran out of thread.
I'm so excited to start sewing but I do want to do it right so I would eventually take some classes. There is a local place nearby but unfortunately their hours won't do for me (open from 9:00 - 5:00 M-F) since I'll be at work during that time. It's too bad because most of their classes were about $40 for 2 hours. If I took a class at JO-Anne's Fabric store it would cost me $149 (but then I think it's a 5 hour class). Lot's of decisions to make. By January, I'm hoping to have learned to sew a blind hem on pants, skirts and dresses, and also make outfits using patterns.
The one good thing about sewing: you don't think about food. By the time I figured out how to set up the machine, it was past lunch time. Time flies by fast. I'll need to keep myself busy this week since I don't have work. I should exercise... or sew.... Decisions, Decision. ;) 

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  1. A sewing machine! Super cool! Can't wait to see what creations you whip up!