Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's New Year's Day 2011 and it's my Birthday. 

dress: Forever 21

Last nights festivities including dinner at our favorite Italian Place which turned out to have a New Year's Eve menu and didn't include most of the great dishes.  We enjoyed the evening and the Owner/manager sent us lemoncello after dinner which ended the evening pretty well. I never made it to any of the bars/clubs  and we ended up watching poor Dick Clark on the telly. 

I haven't really thought much about the past year mostly because it wasn't too great until just recently. This year was partially good to me where I maintained my weight (still didn't make my goal), got a surprise cash overpayment from my doctor's office ($K) and kept my job. The bad: B still hasn't found a job but we'll deal with that in the new year. 

New Year's resolutions:  to make my weight goal and live a bit more frugally.  We've have had to cut back on dining out and shopping less and most of my purchases have been through Ebay or H&M or Forever 21.  I'll need to concentrate on buying quality  and not quantity from now on.

Happy New Year Everyone!! 

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