Monday, October 25, 2010

I found a leather jacket....well kind of.

I happened upon a beautiful leather jacket at Macy's the other day. Mind you I've been looking for this jacket for some time and was hoping to find a different color rather then black, but then I realized that I love black and that black goes with everything, so why not.  By the way, it's faux leather and I really didn't mind. Heck it even felt like leather and didn't look cheap. Plus, I got it for a steal for $30, originally priced at $99.  

I guess I'm regressing to the days when I just wore black all the time. It made sense back then and it still should.  Yesterday, I was looking for a black knit top to wear to work and could not find any in my dresser. Funny how things have changed. I remember my whole wardrobe being 95% black.  

Make note to self: buy more black.  

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