Monday, August 2, 2010

Boring Monday.

My day started off waking up late around 9:30. B had gotten me a DVD of "September Issue", the documentary on Anna Wintour and her 2007 Vogue magazine september issue which was the biggest issue of its time.  I did find the documentary to be a bit interesting: I found out she has a teenage daughter, came from an affluent editing and publishing family in Englad, and is All Work and No Play.  I do admire her work ethic and sometimes I wish I was in the line of work, yet it is such a cut throat world.  My dream would be more in the art field as a fashion photographer.

Afterwards, I ended up going to work out and then meeting b at the National Gallery of Art to the Ginsbery photo exhibit.

They say beauty is pain, but isn't this taking it a bit too far?

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