Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 - Looking Back, A Year in Review

2014 turned out to be pretty nice year. It was fairly quiet but we managed to get away a few times. These are the most memorable times of the year.

1. Costa Rica. So many god things to say about this place and it was the highlight of the year. Nice people.  Eco-friendly.  Ex-Pats. Beaches. Quiet. Sunny. Volcano. Green Forests. Spring pools. Did I say hot?

San Juan, Costa Rica 

San Ramon, Puntarenas

Zip lining and repelling down mountains

Town of San Carlos

Manuel Antonio National Park

2. NYC 5 Burroughs Bike Tour. This our yearly trip to NYC with our road bikes on hand. The streets of NYC are closed to traffic so we see the 5 Burroughs on our bikes with a different perspective. We almost didn't ride since I got a flat at the start, but hubby had a spare tube and he saved the day.

3. Quebec City, Quebec. The most picturesque European city in North America, so they say and they were right. What I learned about the Quebecois: They are Quebecois first and Canadians second. They are NOT French and will let you know it. And they speak english so we had no problems.  Lots of photos taken but can't post them all here. Drat!

4. Halloween. I love Halloween and brings me back to my childhood of dressing up and being totally silly for just one night. We were invited to a themed Halloween party of cartoon characters so hubby joined me in this escapade and we came up with: Kim Possible and Dr. Drakken from the Cartoon Network (Disney based) show of the early 2000s. I think these costumes came out pretty well.

5. Philadelphia Half Marathon. Of the many half marathons I've run, I had not yet ran the Philadelphia Half.  I ran fairly well until I got to the the last 2 miles when I saw the nasty long hill which slowed down my PR time. Oh well.  Maybe next year.

6. Sunset Beach, NC. Our first Christmas away visiting my in-laws.

7. Washington, DC. New Year's Eve, 2014. And so it ends. Let the New Year begin.


  1. Wow! What a great year of travel! Thanks for sharing.

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