Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 5 of 31 days of blogging - Men's birthdays

My current dilemma:  hubby's birthday is coming up.  Finding a good birthday gift is so hard to find a what do you give for a man who doesn't want anything or whose tastes have changed throughout the years?  Clothes? A card?  

He's not really a football fan although he loves soccer and we haven't seen a DC United game in over 3 years.  The team are doing fairly well this season but once again his work schedule stands in the way of us going.

The good thing is that he is into bicycling which is great and healthy and all that..but the bad thing is that he works for a company that deals with bikes, so I can't really get him bike related items, can I? Maybe a cool t -shirt???  Tour de France is over so maybe a piece of memorabilia???

Then I thought "he likes to read" but I can't even buy him a book anymore because of his Nook. What fun is that to buy him a e-book and email it to him? Oh technology today irks me.
Finally, I remember that he used to like yoga and so I thought maybe I get him classes for yoga but his work schedule is so erratic these days that I'm not sure if he'd even go.  Ugh. This is frustrating but I still have a week left.

Hey maybe I could him get his this:

NAHHHHH!!!  He's not into legs anyway. Plus It will have to go in OUR living room and that ain't gonna happen. 

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  1. I have found a lot of good unique gifts on It's a little on the pricier side but they're separated by gender and occasion so it's easier to sort. You can also get him something monogrammed to give it that special touch.