Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2 - Return of my commuter bike

denim jacket: Zara
dress: H&M
shoes: DSW
sunglasses: Betsy Johnson

Some of you may know I was in a small bicycle accident about 5 weeks ago. Luckily, the accident was minor even though I had a trip to the emergency room with a slight dislocated shoulder.  The shoulder is fine now and the bike was scraped  up a bit with a dented back wheel. The bike, my first commuter bike (aptly known as  "the Black Beast" because of her heavy steel frame), is finally home as of last night. 

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about riding again but I took her out to work this morning and you know what, I felt fine.  It felt good to be out there and I'm glad my fear of riding is over. 

I'm adding one more thing to my list of to-do items in August:
  1. READ UP TO 4 BOOKS - THIS WAS ADDED TODAY - currently re-reading  "The Great Gatsby"

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