Monday, April 2, 2012

A Productive Weekend.

Saturday - Since I lost 2.2 lbs so I decided to treat myself. I got a much needed trim as you can tell from my bushy sides in the first photo.  Okay so the second photo with my new do and the glasses is not so flattering but it's all about the sides of my hair. 3d, is what I wore out.


 Gap top, HM pants, Gap flats, faux leather jacket

Afterwards, I felt good so decided to shop although I'm not sure I needed most of these clothes so I am feeling a bit guilty about spending more than I should have. I ended up buying a cute dress from Ann Taylor and skinny jeans, then a top from BR, then off to Loft to buy a coral skinny jean and a floral top with another striped top. I'll try them on again today and see if I really like them.


Sunday was the famous Cherry Blossom 10 mile race. I finished my 10 miler in 1 hour and 34 minutes but didn't make a PR. I'm kind of annoyed because I did better at my half marathon than this race, but I'm still happy I did it and actually didn't have any problems. This race is fairly popular and more than 25,000 people ran so there weren't too many opportunities to pass people. I also think they changed the route and some streets were narrower than others so that made it more crowded in certain spots. And I had more water / gatorade stops than I did for my half so that also may have contributed to my time loss. Oh well. I'll do better next time.

Maybe some day I will be up in the tent above. NOT!!! 

 I thought it was appropriate to take photo of the eagle kite stuck on the flag.

The usual 20,000+ crowd of runners.  
I ran a 9:25 pace so next year I can start 2 corrals ahead of the 10:30 pacers. 

M, T, W - My body needs a break from all this running and since I'm off the next few days, I don't plan on doing anything except some much needed house Spring cleaning. My second bedroom needs to be cleaned out so we can paint and then turn it into the guestroom/officespace/bike storage/sewing/photography room. See photo. Is this even possible? I sure will try!! The bikes are already up but that's what the second bedroom will eventually look like.

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  1. You look so great!! I love your style. And that is quite the speedy pace! =)