Saturday, March 10, 2012

Black Keys Concert

The concert started with a good performance by the Arctic Monkeys as the opening band.  My favorite song: "Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor. " The Black Keys started the show at 9:40. What I love about this group is that they have such a wide age range of fans, from 18 to 60, and I truly believe this makes for a great musician.  The show was incredible.

Unfortunately, our seats were nosebleeds so we could barely see anything but the sound quality in the Verizon Center was pretty good.   Here's a few photos and a video I managed to take via IPhone.

Yikes!  What's up with my hair?? and why are small concert t-shirts so damn big???? and I'm so not a Wizards fan!! (Go DC UNITED!!)

Verizon Center - pre show

Hubby and I being silly.

Below is a video and bad Iphone photos although the light show was amazing during the Black Keys Concert.  Enjoy.

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