Sunday, May 15, 2011

Concerts and Such....

jacket: HM
jeans: Levi's 512 straight legs
shoes: Steve Madden's

Yes, I still go to rock concerts.  I've always been a music fan and to this day nothing has changed.  I still discover the new and old all over again and reminisce of the times gone by.

Which brings me to the Echo and the Bunnymen concert that I attended last week.  For the life of me I had no idea what to wear to a concert? Of course, I couldn't dress like the teenager I used to be: the black wearing, red lipstick wearing, pouty girl with a woe-is-me-attitude.  But I ended up wearing an updated version:  jeans and a black leather jacket with platform heels. I can still try, right?  :)

Back to the Echo concert. I decided to take a photo by IPhone and unfortunately Ian decided to play with no spotlight on him throughout the whole show. Photos were all fuzzy too. Hello?  What's up with that?  We're all aging baby.  You're not the only one.

By the time the show was over at 11:45 (way past my bed time), we walked home 2 blocks away. Ah, the conveniences of living in the city. :) 

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