Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Day Is It?

I can't remember the date.  Has it been 5 days since I posted?  Wow. Time sure flies as you get older, I just never realized that when I was young.  Youth had so many advantages and I sure was dumb enough not to know better.  But enough of the negativity.  I am so different than I was back in my 20's: more secure and confident.  Heck, I'm secure enough to post my pictures on a website. Now that's something.

My hair is truly horrible so I can't wait until the 22nd where I will chop all my hair of.  B will totally love as he always does.

Haven't shopped much but intent on finding some great dresses on ebay.  I have a bid on this particular dress (kind of retro 40's)so let's see what happens.

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