Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Discovery!

The greatest things about city living is always finding something new.  Let's just that that my neighborhood was a place you wouldn't want to be caught dead in (no pun in intended).  Life beyond 16th Street (my old haunting grounds) was no somewhere you'd venture to unless you wanted trouble or led the downtown angsty life.

Anyway,  life in DC has changed these days.  With the move of the 930 Club, the famous rock venue housed in F Street downtown, to the U Street Corridor, that area changed big time. Hubby and I moved to this neighborhood almost 10 years ago.  This area was the up and coming U-Street/Cardoza known historically for it's jazz music and a famous african-american college known as Howard University.  It was still a bit "urban" to be PC about it, but now gentrification has come fast forward changing a lot of the city's gritty structure. I supposed that's a good thing for some of us.

My new discovery is a great little establishment/venue/bar/restaurant called the Satellite Room situated 2 blocks from my place, right behind the 9:30 Club. I had heard about this place when it opened but never intended on going since I thought my going out days are quite limited these days. Call me an old fogie, whatever. :)   But on this particular days, friends suggested meeting up on Sunday for drinks in their outdoor patio. OUTDOOR PATIO? Why not and so we went. The bar is very modern inside, very casual outside, with all types of people from young and old. Let's just I didn't feel out of place like some places.  They had a good selection of bar food, beer and wine and the music was just as good. It was just nice to hang out on a day that wasn't particularly hot.  Let's just say I'll be visiting there sometime soon again.

(hubby below, no photos of me since it was a bad hair and clothes day)


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