Friday, May 4, 2012

NYC and the 5 Boro's Bike Tour

NYC trip /bike tour is finally here. Well almost.  The tour isn't until Sunday so we have some play time in the city.
DH slept in late... as in 10:00 a.m. and I guess he needed the extra sleep considering he's gotten himself a nasty head cold. I'm hoping he'll be well enough to ride on Sunday.  

We didn't leave DC until 1:30 and got in to Jersey City (yes Jersey City) where we stayed last September for the NYC Century Tour. Notice his fake smile below as I made him pose in front of the car.  My photo was taken right before we left (top-Anthro; jeans-Loft; clog sandals-Marshalls).

Traffic was okay on 95 until we hit the Jersey Turnpike.  By 4:00 - 5:00, rush hour had begun.   We made good time anyway and got to the hotel around 6:15.

Disregard photo below. This photo was taken near Baltimore.

We are staying at the Candlewood Suites (we stayed here last September for NYC Century Tour)  and convenient to the PATH Train, has free parking, and huge rooms to house our bikes.  That's probably the main reason for us staying here otherwise it we'd be staying in the city.

The Candlewood Suites - Jersey City - recently renovated (waiting to get new tv's installed).

The view from our window facing South.

Tomorrow's agenda:  Eat breakfast somewhere in Lower East Side, pick up bike tour packet from Basketball City near South Street, go to Hester Street Fair near Chinatown, checkout B&H photo and get new batteries and camera bag.  Want to go the Algonquin Hotel for a drink but apparently they are close for renovations. DRAT!!

More to come tomorrow...


  1. Have a fun weekend!
    See why I complain about sitting in traffic all the time? ;)
    It's still not as bad as the guys definitely beat all with that!

    1. True about the beltway. That's why I moved to the city. LOL!!