Friday, May 4, 2012

Was It Only Thursday?

I too the day off yesterday and spent it with my dear friend whom I've known since our teens.  Her birthday falls on Cinqo de Mayo and since I will be away (NYC) we decided to have an early birthday celebration here in downtown, specifically the Chinatown area.

We walked around a bit, then got hungry and hit a Turkish restaurant by the name of Zaytinyas, which serves delicious tapas style mediterranean/Turkish food. We kept it simple and ordered sandwiches.

Next stop: the National Portrait Gallery for some much needed culture.  Since there were no special exhibits out, we ventured in to the Lincoln Room for some fine Modern Art installations.

This good friend of mine and I have been doing birthdays for as long as we can remember because it's OUR birthday! It's not Xmas! It's not Mother's Day nor Valentines Day! IT's our day. So we celebrate and enjoy the one day we have before we get back home to our normal routine of kids and work and husbands and the home. It was another good day.

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