Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend To-Do's and Shopping Finds

My weekend was good and I managed to finish some of my to-do list.
  • Saturday - I ended up staying home on a beautiful day to clean up house. I knew once I started I wouldn't stop so it was quite productive. I cleaned up the guest room, swept and washed the living room floors, washed the window sills (they were filthy), pruned some plants, ironed clothes, and finally rested with a good book.  Here's a little glimpse.  The walls are bare since I removed my paintings/pictures because I planned to rearrange  them.

  • Sunday - I hung out with husband in the morning, made quiche for brunch, then headed out to my moms house to run errands with her. We ended up going to Ross and I found a fabulous little black dress for a steal: .49 cents. YES. You read correctly. A definite steal and NOT $49.00 but .49 cents. That was the high point of my day. Please disregard the necklace because I don't plan on wearing it with the dress.  I tried the dress on with my booties and my wedges. I kind of like both.


  1. .49!!!!!
    Unbelievable and I was thrilled I thrifted an awesome strip top for $1.50 yesterday.
    You got me beat!

  2. 49 CENTS?!?!?! That is AMAZING! What a cute dress!