Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday at the Museum

Sunday was a beautiful cool and crisp day and a perfect day out for my venture out to the Phillips Musem to see the Edgar Degas' exhibits of the famous ballet dancers.  The Phillips Museum is known for the turn-of-the-century modern art that I'm drawn to from Degas to Matisse to Van Gogh to Picasso (one my favorite artists).

The Phillips Museum

I wore this outfit to the museum which was taken at home right before I left.

The museum allowed visitors to take photos via Iphone of all exhibits with the exception of the Degas exhibit so I have no photos of that but there were some color photographs of Swan Lake by a german ballet company that I wasn't familiar with.

However, I did manage to take some great shots of the others famous artists.

My favorite artist - Pablo Picasso


 Van Gogh

Renoir (I always remember this painting from the movie Amelie)

After the museum, we checked out the Dupont Circle farmer's market that's held every Sunday. I didn't buy anything.

Then it was off to KramerBooks Afterwards for afternoon cocktails and great conversation.

Lunch was at Circa where we proceeded to share a chicken salad sandwich with our final cocktail of the day, Prosecco:

That was a great end to the the rest of the day.  


  1. Sounds like a picture perfect Sunday.
    I want one like that!!

  2. I would love to have accompanied you to the exhibit. The black outfit is terrific.