Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why Are Hobbies So Expensive?

For a person like me who's so worried about finances, I did a very bad thing: I splurged on an expensive $$$$K road bike.  IT WASN'T EVEN CLOTHES. What was I thinking?  I do have my reasons though:

  1. It's a great health benefit and since I'm into exercise these days, it's one more activity added to my list
  2. My old bike has had 5 flats in 4 weeks and it was time to get a new one
  3. I use it for commuting to work
  4. It will probably last me longer than my car
  5. I love those long rides with my hubby
  6. I've met some great people along the way
  7. And finally we get to go to NYC for the Century Bike Tour next weekend to do the 35 mile tour, maybe 55. How exciting is that to bike NYC and the 5 Burroughs in one day,  then the rest of the weekend to shop for Fall items? (with what $$$ - lol)
So are these good enough reasons? I should hope so. 

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