Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back from Florida (Not really a fashion post)

BAI am so glad to be back even though the weather was so much better down there than here. At least with Florida it is expected to be 90 - 100 degrees and sunny but here in DC at 105 degrees, that's pretty hot.  There was no point in being fashionable as the weather was just too hot and I needed less clothes on the body as possible.  We ended up being typical tourists as we headed to Orlando to check out Disney and Universal.

The week went by pretty quickly.  Saturday, we landed and didn't really do much except eat bad chinese buffet.

Sunday,  we went to the Mall of Millenia which kind of reminded me of Tysons II in McLean.  It was pretty crowded and i ended up buying a beautiful turquoise bracelet from Banana Republic. Mom was raving about it so I bought it and I may give it to her for her birthday.

Back at the resort, we asked a local about where to go for 4th of July and he mentioned the town of Celebration which was a 10 minutes away past Disney.  The community was originally owned by Disney but was sold a few years ago.  Although not quite a town since they do not have a mayor or a police department, this quiet and perfectly upscale (surreal) neighborhood is something from a movie (think The Stepford Wives).  Too perfect for my taste.  This picture was taken on 4th of July evening.

Monday, we headed to Epcot for old times sake. The weather was overcast with a highs in the 80's and we thoroughly enjoyed it but were exhausted by the end of the day.

Tuesday, B and I being our geeky selves went to Universal to see the new Harry Potter theme park and lets just say it was ridiculously crowded and very hot.  The temps rose to about 95 degrees and there was no where to sit.  We decided to get on one ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and stood in line for 1.5 hours but it was worth it in the end. B loved it and so did I.


Wednesday, B left for home and mom and I went to another mall before F flew down.  I didn't buy anything as time when by too fast and we had to rush to the airport to pick up F. We didn't do to much as F fell asleep so mom and I went to the junky flea markets off of route 192.  I HATED IT with a passion.  At night, i had a little tiff with my mom and went to bed.  

Thursday, cousins came down with my 2 aunts. They ended up going to Sea World and we drove to Clearwater Beach by Tampa. The day was absolutely beautiful, the beach was clean, the people were a little more upscale crowd, the sand was a beautiful white. F got burned bad and I turned dark as usual.

Back to the resort, dinner was fabulous. We went to Crabby Joe's and I had my crab fix taken care of.  

Friday, F and I planned to go to Daytona Beach and wanted to stop at St. Augustines.  B had suggested going there since it was an old historic Spanish settlement. I wasn't planning on going but we decided to do it anyway and I'm so glad we did.


An hour later, we were in Daytona Beach.  I was kind of disappointed but someone told me that these beaches were for the Spring Breakers.  Ohhh, that explained the hoochey crowd. And what's up with parking on the beach?  Cars on the beach ruined it for me.

Anyway, this trip was for Mom and my Dad (RIP).  It wasn't a bad trip to Orlando but I know I will never go back, maybe Miami or the Keys but that's it for Orlando.

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