Saturday, July 31, 2010

August to-do list!!!

I've been thinking about updating this blog on a daily basis starting the month of August, which happens to be tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure what the focus of this blog will be, so on I go about my daily life which happens to be quite boring (if I had kids, I would be quite busy but alas the it is not in the stars for me).  So I reminisce (the word of the month)...again...about the past, the present and the future and what it will hold.

Today, I dropped B off and wasn't sure what my day was going to hold.  I knew I couldn't spend $$$ as expenses are tight and B's birthday is right around the corner. He does want the new Iphone rather than replacing his stolen bike. Priorities, right? Anyway, I ended up riding to Old Town Alexandra, had lunch at Chipotle, checked out Ann Taylor Loft (too much color for the early Fall collection) and then ended up at the mall and DSW and finding shoes that I so wanted - these Bandolino's:

I really like the collection at the Gap today: lots of black pencil pants / tight fitting cropped pants, gray t- shirts and black jackets, chunky v-neck sweaters.  This so reminded me of the old Gap with it's cool mod look of the 90's. It also reminded me of the JCrew collection.  I think I will shop this look in September.

Back in the day, I would have worn this outfit but with a flat lace-up oxford shoe or my Doc Martins. Hmm, do I still have my Dr. Martins?

After walking around for hours, I really didn't see anything I like so I ended up going home and watching bad Saturday t.v.

My August To-Do List:
1. buy June birthday gifts for J, my sister, and L.L.
2. buy August birthday gifts for B, F, L.B.
3. Clean up guest room
4. sell stuff on Ebay
5. go bicycling (by myself?)
6. check out the Ginsberg photo exhibit at National Gallery of Art
7. exercise more
8. Blog more about fashion - although i should be happy since it's casual clothes for the next 6 weeks.

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