Friday, April 23, 2010


I was planning to wear my navy H&M casual dress but decided against it since it was quite chilly out. I ended up wearing my skinny jeans with a floral H&M top, light army green colored ATL jacket and my Target tan T-strap sandals. I think I look pretty good and B. agreed. Awww.  I love that man.  I guess I'll eventually post the picture.

I wanted to ride bike into work but I knew I was going down to mom's house and we'd be driving there.  Hope they are having fun.

B's mom sent me a lovely email thanking me for helping out at B's dad 75th birthday. She is such a sweet lady. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and it was great seeing everyone including the 4 year old triplets.  Michael and Ethan totally got attached to me. Go figure!

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