Saturday, April 20, 2013

Taos, NM

Hello folks. Long time.  Lots going on. New Year. New Job. Busy.  No time for outfit photos.

But we're in Taos, NM for a friend's wedding and want to capture the moment. Will post sporadically.

Day 1 - 2:00. Land in Albuqurque, NM to find lunch.  We stopped off at El Modelo which had great ratings, but ended up going to Sadie's north of there.

At Sadie's restaurant. Note the huge portions of the burritos we ordered and this was a la carte. Um, is this for real? We ate half and took the rest to go.

On the road to Taos.  Pretty dry out there.

 Snow clouds in the distance??  Temps dropped from 57 degrees to 32.

At Doc Martin's bar in Taos.

The Bride and Groom To-Be

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