Thursday, October 18, 2012

Philly Fun!!

I had half day from work last Friday and left to visit a good friend of mine in Philly. I decided to splurge and take the train up instead of the bus and got quickly there in 2 hours. I cabbed it over to her place where we talked and ended up going to pub for great food and pumpkin beer (Elysian is D-elicious!!! ). Met a few of her friends, had more drinks, then headed out to see singer/songwriter musicians at ???? (I forget where). The venue was small but had a great layout with seats and tables and a bar in the back (where we sat). Would totally come again (with livelier music and less drinking) because we left at 11:00 and crashed as soon as I got home. And to think that once upon a time, we used to go to bars and clubs at 11:00 and dance the night away. NOT ANYMORE!!

Saturday was cold. I didn't bring warm clothing except my new leather jacket which I LOVE!!! and definitely wore out. Luckily the day got warmer later on. We did some shoe shopping and found the pair of boots I have been forever looking forever: Doc Marten Marcie Wedges. They were the last pair and were my size. Of course I grabbed them quick since they were meant to be MINE!! Lori bought 2 pairs and with that we went along our merry way.

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