Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Times in New York City !!!

We just got back from a wonderful 4 day trip to NYC for our annual NYC Century bike tour plus a few extra days to just wander the city.  With the amount of time that I spend in this city, I should just move.

Day 1.  Thursday. Arrive and get our bikes settles in to the hotel.  Early dinner at Rubirosa's before venturing out to Soho for Fashion Night Out.  Didn't stay very long.

At Rubirosa. Reservations required. And YES we ate all of the LARGE pizza.

Out in Soho for Fashion Night Out

Day 2. Friday. Historical walking tours of the Fashion District, Greenwich village, and High Line Tour. 3 2-hour tours can eventually take a toll at the end of the day.

At Fashion District Tour.

Stopping by a sample sale at a small designer, Matt M

Yes, we stopped by Mood, the famous fabric store of Project Runway fame.

At Greenwich Tour.

If you recall, this is the building facade that they used in the show Friends.

oldest building in Greenwich

Rest break at Washington Square

 Listening to dixie jazz by these teens. Great music

Refreshments at the Art Bar before our last walking tour.

At Chelsea / High Line Tour.  (Spotted 2 celebrities: Jeremy Irons coming out of Chelsea market and Solange Knowles.  Sorry no photos).

to be cont'd....

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