Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashback Fridays - Wire Train "Chamber of Hellos" + OFF TO NYC!!

This group doesn't have a video on youtube but lots of live footage. I thought the concept of this video was quite interesting: I haven't seen a record player in such fine condition in a long time.  Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Meanwhile, I'll be leaving for NYC for the weekend to meet up some fine ladies from a fashion blog ( I visit.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what to wear for tomorrow's meet up considering it will be snowing and sleeting all day.  Now how can you look fashionable outdoors in the cold?   And where the heck are my doc's when I need them?

I was planning to take my camera but I think I'll use the handy IPhone  Less to carry is best...just in case I decide to shop.

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